Watch this video and more on Bootylates Workout Program

Watch this video and more on Bootylates Workout Program

Destress & Stretch 1

Bootylates Complete Series • 22m

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    After conquering Bootylates 1, your booty and your body are ready for the next level of sports and fitness. In this 45-minute workout video, there are more than 500 movements that improve your strength, increase your flexibility, sculpt your body and develop the booty you've always wanted. Planki...

  • Bootylates 3

    In this 55-minute workout fit for any King or Queen, there are many different segments including: a cardio warm up, planking, pilates, yoga even a Ba-thigh segment. What does, "Ba-thigh" mean? Booty, hips and thighs, of course! You've climbed the ranks on your fitness journey and arrived to the t...

  • Bootylates 1

    Inspired by Yoga and Pilates movements, the first workout in this series combines a little bit of everything for all fitness enthusiasts. This 30-minute workout helps your booty gain all of the good and lose the bad. You will feel the strength, lift and firmness you've been searching for all of t...